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Dr. Jacob Young (AKA Dr. Jake), Chiropractor Apr 15, 2021 11:30 AM
Chiropractic Care and Addressing Root Cause of Health Problems
Chiropractic Care and Addressing Root Cause of Health Problems

Dr. Jake Young loves helping his Iowa City patients get back in the game. When he was a younger athlete, Dr. Jake went to chiropractors as he sustained various injuries while playing sports. This continued on to his college years where he played basketball. Doing so allowed him to keep playing and practicing.

Enabling Others to Stay Active

As an athlete, Dr. Jake enjoys the active lifestyle aspect of chiropractic. He likes helping his patients pursue the sports and activities that they are passionate about. Chiropractic care takes a preventative approach to your health. It’s not about giving medication once there’s a problem, it’s about helping bodies function at their optimum ability so problems don’t arise in the first place.

Addressing Root Causes of
Health Problems

Dr. Jake, who was valedictorian of his class at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, feels we live in a culture that’s focused on treating symptoms instead of addressing the underlying causes of problems. “We want to get our patients to understand that they may not feel better immediately, but that it takes time.” Dr. Jake believes that, like exercise, getting better is a process. Our plan is to find the underlying cause, come up with a plan to help our patients get well and then educate them on how to maintain their health.

Katie Ripkie, Venuworks Apr 22, 2021 11:30 AM
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Heather L. Woody, MCC & President Jul 22, 2021 11:30 AM
Employee Training and Coaching in Unprecedented Times

Heather L. Woody, MCC & President of Heather Woody Unlimited, Inc.

Heather L. Woody is a Master Certified Coach that teams with individuals personally and professionally to help them experience their greatness.  She has a passion for working with people in organizations as they pursue their key goals and objectives while also building a fulfilling career and personal life.  Heather is sought for her contagious energy, her ability to quickly zero in on the powerful components of a situation, flesh them out and help her clients uncover an approach that leads them to success.  Heather has a strength for connecting people in their working and personal relationships in order to create flow, understanding and best outcomes.  She wants for her clients to experience the changes and enhancements in their lives that open doors wide to real success.

Heather’s work as a success coach, trainer, facilitator, and speaker, has encompassed many areas including leadership, bridging generations, conflict effectiveness, teamwork, communication, change management, coaching, generational bridging, emotional intelligence, self-time management and project-time management.  She conducts her coaching with individuals as well as with teams.  Heather is also an experienced speaker.

As a coach and consultant, Heather has worked with clients in the following fields and industries: Coaching, Finance and Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Utilities, Law, Real Estate, Sporting Goods, Chiropractic, Consumer Products & Services, Manufacturing, Food Service Equipment, Entrepreneurs, Computer Training, Printing & Publishing, Volunteer and Fundraising Organizations and City Governance.

Heather is a Master Certified Coach through the Certified Coach Federation.  Heather is a graduate of Coach Inc., one of the largest international training organizations for professional coaches.  She also holds a BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Public Relations and Communications.  She is certified in the following FranklinCovey programs: The 5 Choices, The 7 Habits Signature, and Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results Leadership.

She is also an accomplished collegiate athlete and All-American in track and field at Simpson College and the University of Northern Iowa.  Prior to coaching, she worked in marketing, public relations and sales.  She resides in Iowa with her husband Joey, her son Drake and daughter Isabelle.