May 16, 2019 4:00 PM
Jeff Quint Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery
Visit Cedar Ridge for Educational Tour and Social Hour presented by Jeff Quint
  • Jeff Quint founded Cedar Ridge in 2005, following a long family tradition of Iowa farmers and distillers back from when his grandfather, Nicolas Quint, produced locally made brandy.
  • Cedar Ridge is the first licensed distillery in Iowa since Prohibition, and is located in Swisher, Iowa, a small town close to Cedar Rapids in the heart of America’s Corn Belt.
  • Frustrated by the fact that Iowa is the number one corn producing state in USA, yet no Bourbon Whiskey was produced here, Jeff Quint launched Iowa’s first Bourbon Whiskey in 2010.
  • Fine craftsmanship is a true reflection of Iowa’s mentality of doing the best with what nature gives them. No temperature control aging, minimal waste, and that Midwest resourcefulness put production first, favoring quality over quantity.