Our Rotary Club recently visited Metro High School to deliver a donation of books for their library to honor all of the speakers that come to our meetings and present to our Club.
Each week we have a speaker present about their business or a topic that holds a special place in their heart. Each presentation provides our Club members with diverse perspectives and inspiring stories.

As a token of our appreciation to our speakers giving of their time, we contribute to the intellectual growth of Metro High School's students. For each speaker, we make a thoughtful addition to their library collection by purchasing a book in their honor that aligns with Metro High School's educational needs.

By doing so, we aim to not only express our thanks but also leave a lasting impact on the educational resources available to the students at Metro High School. We believe that books have the power to ignite curiosity, foster learning, and broaden horizons. Through this gesture, we hope to contribute to the cultivation of knowledge and a love for learning among the students.