Aaron Loan, a benefits advisor at acumen, is our fourth candidate for the two open board positions. Find out more about him below.


I love Cedar Rapids. Nothing beats our desires to be innovative while staying well-rooted. Our no-quit attitudes are always laced with positive determination. Our education system is envied around the world. And whether it’s on our own, or with our families, churches, businesses, or non-profit  organizations we have an innate desire to help others succeed. So when my wife and I were living in Philadelphia and our daughter was born six years ago we made the decision to come back home to raise our family. We moved back the first week of June 2008. Most of  you know what happened to Cedar Rapids the very next week…

When I share that story with people their first reaction tends to be, “Oh… I’m so sorry to hear that.” While I appreciate their sentiment, I’m actually thrilled we moved here when we did. I believe it was not coincidence we arrived the week before. Since that fateful week I’ve attempted to devote as much of my time and energy as I can in helping to not just rebuild our community, but make it something even better. 

For work I spent the next three years helping my parents rebuild their business (both their business and their house were directly hit by the flood). Once their business was back on its feet (and doing even better than it was pre-flood) I went back into my old industry where I still am today. As a benefits advisor my purpose is to advise employers on their benefit plans in order to attract and retain talented people to the Cedar Rapids area. I feel this completely intertwines with my desire to see Cedar Rapids continue to flourish in every way possible.

Outside of my career I’ve worked with both my church and with Block by Block to help rebuild homes.  At Campbell Steele Art Gallery I’ve “guest bartended” at Music in the Mud where I donated my tips to the rebuilding efforts. I currently serve on the board of Murals and More because I believe their efforts  to bring art into the outdoor spaces around the downtown area is a phenomenal idea and serves as a catalyst to the positive energy the downtown is really just beginning to experience. I joined Rotary because I loved the service above self attitude of those involved and I haven’t been disappointed since. 

Between the projects I’ve been a part of, hearing about all the projects others are doing, and seeing  what our Rotary club collectively can do to give back to our local and worldwide community has been inspiring. 

Needless to say, I would be THRILLED to serve on our board and continue the great work Metro North has done to serve! I sincerely hope that you will consider me for your vote.

Thank you!