Jun 20, 2024 11:30 AM
Amy Belice - Agile Aquatic
Find out about new technology in the swimming pool industry, residential and commercial

Amy Belice is an award-winning Marketing/Communications professional. A graduate of Illinois State University, she worked in the Public Relations unit at the University of Iowa, taught at Hawkeye Community College, and has been freelancing for the last 21 years. Amy has been working in the Pool Industry alongside her husband, Rick Whiteaker, for the past 16 years. 

Rick has put his Construction Management degree from Mankato State to use as a project manager for Ryan and Opus companies, and in the Pool Industry for the last 30 years. Rick is highly skilled in both residential and commercial pool projects, and also has a great deal of knowledge in water features, accessibility and historic renovation. 

Advocates for “Blue Mind,” Amy and Rick started Agile Aquatic in 2021, with a focus on high quality, emerging technologies, and total environment design for residential and commercial pools. They develop concrete pools, fiberglass pools, and Myrtha pools.