Sandi Lafferty, an account manager at J.W.Morton & Associates is running for one of the two open board positions. You can find out more about her below.

To give you a little information about myself I should start by saying that the Cedar  Rapids area is home to me. I grew up in Fairfax and after high school attended Central College graduating with a Communication major and Business minor. 

Life  and opportunities took me to Texas and Illinois before returning home to work and  finish raising my family. I have three children who are now out of the house and in various stages from college to one who recently got married. 

My job background ranges from sales, to account management in advertising and marketing. With communications interests I have worked in marketing at a  shopping mall and department store, along with sales and management positions at  a radio station, shopper, newspaper, yellow pages, leasing services and as regional account manager for a national B2B magazine. My recent work as Account Manager at an advertising agency, JWMorton & Associates, seems to pull all my experiences  together and I enjoy the interaction with clients and the creative environment.

During my children’s busy middle/school and high school years, I taught religious education classes and then became Director of my church’s high school education
program, and was middle school and high school Youth Director starting up and creating a thriving youth program where there originally was none. The desire to make a difference also led me to do course work towards my masters degree in Counseling from Drake, which I have all but completed.

Helping and feeling called to service is something I have always felt was important. I am happy to have joined this vibrant rotary group and proud to say that I’ve met many wonderful people who bring a positive energy and desire to give back.

With more time in my life for additional endeavors, it would be an honor to be elected to our rotary board. I have varied experiences and would look forward to stretching my wings, learning more from those who have graciously led and striving to bring what I have to offer to this great group. Thank you. Sandi