Please enjoy this update from our outbound exchange student, Regan, who is enjoying her time in Mexico:
Hola!! :)
I'm doing great and everything is perfect!
At the end of October I went to a town called Los Mochis with my host mom and little sister. It was the birthday of both of her parents and everyone came back to celebrate. My host mom has 8 brothers and sisters and I am so happy that I got to meet them all! They were all so welcoming and loving. 
I had the amazing opportunity to experience Día de Los Muertos here on November 1st and 2nd. On November 1st I went to Plaza Marchado with all the other exchange students. Everyone painted their faces like The Catrina and there was a parade in the street. On November 2nd we didn't have school because it is the actual day of Día de Los Muertos so I got to go to the cemetary with my family. There we put flowers on their family's graves. The whole cemetary was covered with decorations and people. I have never seen dealth look so beautiful. Here death is a celebration and I hope that when I am gone my family will celebrate my life like this. 
This past weekend we had a Rotary event. All of the exchange students went to a school on Sunday. There they had dentists, doctors, hairstylists, house hold items for sale and food for the people that don't have a lot. I enjoyed this day because it reminded me that I need to help others and I fell in love with all of the children there. I also got to speak to Kindergardners about the USA!!
Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams :) 
p.s. I can't wait to hear all about the future outbounds!!