Please enjoy the latest update from our outbound exchange student, Regan, who is in Mexico:
I'm doing great--I just have been really busy lately! We just celebrated Carnaval here at the end of February. There were two parades in all of the Malecón, which is like a board walk for I think about 12 miles. They also had a lot of concerts and festivals every night for 4 nights. My favorite night was when they shot off fireworks and I went to my friend's house to watch them. We sat on her patio because her house is on the top of a hill and it was one of the most magically things I've ever seen. Then the following weekend I went to Guadalajara with a few of the other exchange students from my city. We stayed with the other exchange students there. We got to see their school and we also went to the center and museums. This Friday I will be going to Mexico City with my host mom for a week because they have an apartment there. I will also be able to hang out with my host sister that goes to college there! Then the following week my parents are coming to visit me. I am very excited to see them and to show them my home! :)
I have loved my second family and I will be going to my third family on the 9th of April. The chairman of my district named Martin recently recieved an award for having the best district for exchange in the world. All of the exchange students and I are going to surprise him with a cake and dinner sometime this week. We still continue to do a lot of things with Rotary. We ate breakfast with our club and talked about our experience. We also went to a Rotary event called Cuenta Cuentos. My second host family is part of Rotary, so almost every Sunday they have breakfast or a meal together with a few of the rotary families and I also go.
I can´t believe that my exchange is almost over! It has gone by SO fast and I still can´t believe that I´m living here. In April we will have two weeks of vacation for Semana Santa and Semana Pascua. Then at the end of April our end of the year trip begins for one month. When I come back I will have graduation on the 17th of June and I will return to the US on the 25th. Thank you again for this amazing experience. I can´t wait to share my experience and all of my pictures with the club when I get back!!
Te envio el calor,